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fall winter 2017

The Delpozo Fall Winter 2017 marks the tenth show and five year anniversary of creative director Josep Font at the helm of the prêt-à-couture brand.

For this season, Font speaks of serenity and continuity, represented by Hungarian painter József Rippl-Rónai, member of Les Nabis, a group of Post-Impressionist avant-garde artists in 1890s France, and Swiss sculptor Max Bill, Allianz movement leader for concrete art.

Like Fauvism, where emotion is expressed through color; the Nabis focused on the translation of reality rather than the tangible, and inspires this collections’ calmer and darker color hues: midnight black, dark burgundy, deep blue, chestnut, and dark green. The spirituality of the color palette, boosted with Klein blue, ivor y and amber, is fused with the organic silhouettes taken from Max Bill’s abstract sculptures. Circular volumes become the highlight of this season: bold yet soft pleats and sleeves curve around the Delpozo woman’s body in flannel wool, embossed jacquard and silk lamé; round gold buckles shine on trousers, tops, jackets, and ankle boots; and the tulip silhouette wraps around shoulders, skirts and cocktail dresses. It is synthesizing at its finest.

The Fall Winter 2017 collection’s main floral organza print, an abstract floral design created in-house, comes from Rippl-Rónai’s diffused brushstroke.
A blurred version is translated for the merino wool knitwear, with embroidery resembling the reflection of fish scales under the sea, and passifloras and anastasias, bright voluminous colorful flowers. Calmness is rattled with the embroidered hood knit tops, inspired by the flutter of a hummingbird; bringing movement and texture to Delpozo’s designs. These embroideries are also found in the newly launched Moon bag, a sphere to create continuum under Max Bill’s perspective. The metallic handle inspired from Bill’s renown Möbieus band sculpture.

In the finale, a simple stroke of yellow in the bodice of one of Delpozo’s emblematic silk tulle evening gowns gives the last jolt to overcome the cold winter and keep moving forward.