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Pre Fall 2016

Josep Font’s rich imagination is ignited by art and nature. For Pre Fall 2016, he looks to the vivid colour bursts of Luis Barragán, the Mexican architect, to the sensual floral photography of Japan’s Nobuyoshi Araki and then brings in the blush-pink blossoms of Iberian almond trees. Together, these inspire a strong, modern collection. Everywhere are explosions of colour. Font paints over white canvas with the confidence Barragán applied to vibrant modernist constructions. Yet nature’s potency is here too. Nobuyoshi Araki is renowned for imbuing floral photography with sensuality. Delpozo’s perpetual floral inspiration shifts to become more primal with luscious jacquard prints. For accessories, the Delpozo Doctor Bag packs a punch in the new colour combination of green, camel and black, also available for the Flag Bag. Indigo, geranium and oxblood are the new solid tones which reflect the delicate yet strong DNA of this distinctly Spanish House.