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Pre Fall 2018


Captured Beauty


“The purpose of art is to make visible the invisible” – Franco Fontana

For Pre-fall 2018, Delpozo creative director Josep Font brings nature to life through the
photographic lenses of Italian Franco Fontana and British Luke Stephenson. The former with his
abstract colorful landscapes from his “Skyline” series and the latter from his book “An incomplete
dictionary of show birds”.

London has grown on Font during this past year; and on one of his visits, he discovered Stephenson’s
bird portraits. The purity of color in his photographs of monochromatic backgrounds in contrast
with the birds’ plumage inspired the color palette for Pre-Fall 18. Aquamarine becomes the
lead for this next season, creating an ethereal blend of warm and crisp hues along with nude,
canary yellow, carnation red, navy blue and burgundy. The interplay of colors, as well as some of
the more vibrant shades are thanks to Fontana’s photographic abstraction. Patchworks in lineal,
whether horizontal or vertical direction, and floral motives intertwine in trousers, skirts, tops and
jackets; achieving a pure yet delicate balance of vivid colors. Cable knit intarsia sweaters also play
in a geometric patchwork.

Fontana’s idea of what is fundamental in an image is what the photographer wishes to express,
and that usually is what one does not see. This same idea is the foundation of Delpozo. What is
invisible at first sight, is hidden beyond in the interiors of a coat or a blouse. When turned inside
out, the detailed craftsmanship flourishes from the ballerina necklines, the soft A-line silhouettes
in sleeves with Carnation ruffles and asymmetrical skirts or dresses.

Beauty is seized whilst in movement through fluid textures such as Delpozo’s staple of silk tulle,
and expanding into new fabrics of the likes of creamy cashmere and warm crepe de Chine, with an
Hibiscus flower print interpretation. For a bit more texture, a turquoise gofré and a red floral lurex
jacquard are added into the collection.

Font interprets his own version of Stephenson’s work accessorizing the collection, not only
with the evolved Gret tote, which grows handles to bring comfort; but also adding parakeets,
cockatoos and parrots to the mix. The plumage from the Gouldian finch or the red-fan parrot
inspire the prêt-à-couture house’s embroidery. Organic textures and flower shaped embroideries
taken from the green plumage of macaws, white and pink from cockatoos and blue from the
Himalayan monal. Nature at its core.