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resort 2017

For Font’s first resort collection, he approaches the narrative from the direction of the movie industry, specifically one of silent cinema’s greats, cinematographer George Méliès. An innovator of his era, the Frenchman took inspiration from the sun and the moon creating fantastical solar and lunar landscapes in the same way Font works his magic with volume and texture. Méliès was obsessed by stars and outer space yet equally fascinated by the depths of the ocean. In contrast, it is the spare geometry of the British abstract sculptor, Anthony Caro’s work which inspires the organic silhouettes of Delpozo’s DNA. Delicate petal arches, trapezoid shapes, draped knots and bows in Josep Font’s collection echo Caro’s installations. Known for his powerful use of colour, Josep Font stays true to this modern vision for resort, Yves Klein blue dominates a bold. This season’s starburst print pays homage to Méliès’ masterpiece Le voyage dans la Lune.